Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting & Investigative Consulting


Over the years, we have witnessed firsthand how forensic accounting can bring clarity and peace of mind to a variety of delicate situations.

For example, maybe you’re worried that you (or your business) has been the victim of fraud. You need an expert to examine your books and figure out what really happened.

Perhaps you suspect that someone in your organization mishandled money, and you need to analyze your financial data in order to prove that. Or perhaps you are involved in litigation and need an expert financial witness to testify on your behalf.

As you vet potential acquisitions, you want to be certain that the company or book of business has predictable revenue and no financial irregularities. You want to confirm that you are 1) making a wise investment, and 2) not overpaying.


Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting, or forensic auditing, is a specialized area of accounting that deals with actual and anticipated financial disputes.

These conflicts fall across a broad spectrum of life circumstances—everything from business-related litigation to divorce. Culpepper CPA’s team can handle both the investigative accounting and any related litigation support.

Investigative Accounting

You may need investigative accounting to prove fraud or misconduct.

These can take many forms: theft of inventory or other property by employees, misappropriation of funds by employees, kickbacks to employees from outside businesses, securities fraud, and insurance fraud.

We have the experience needed to examine all of the financial records and data and shed light on complex situations. Our role involves organizing the investigation, analyzing the financials,  and providing a report that documents our findings.

Our clients then take whatever action they deem appropriate. Although we cannot offer advice on what action to take, we can provide information about available courses of action.

What a forensic accounting investigation looks like in action varies from industry to industry, but with that said, here are some common examples:


  • Disputes among shareholders or partners;
  • Personal injury claims/motor vehicle accidents;
  • Insurance claims;
  • Business and employee fraud investigations;
  • Matrimonial disputes; and
  • Business economic losses, including contract disputes, construction claims, expropriations, product liability claims, trademark and patent infringements, and losses stemming from breach of a non-compete agreement.

Litigation Support

We also offer these services for current or pending litigation:

  • Assistance in obtaining necessary documentation to support or refute a claim;
  • Examination of relevant documentation to make an assessment of the case;
  • Review of the damages report by the opposing expert;
  • Assistance with settlement discussion and negotiations; and
  • Attendance at trial proceedings to listen to opposing expert testimony and assist with cross-examination.


If any of these situations apply to you, you should consider hiring a forensic accountant.

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