2020 has been nothing short of memorable. 

At Culpepper, we have a tradition of reflecting on our year before we move ahead into the next. We sat down with our team and asked them to review this past year. 


We can all agree that 2020 has been a little crazy. What has made you laugh this year?

“My kids. Especially my 2 year old daughter. She is my 1st and only girl. Watching her grow up and the silliness of already being worried about what she wears and how she looks at only 2 years of age makes me laugh.” – Allison Jones 

My three best friends got married this year, so I think it goes without saying that between three bachelor parties, I’ve laughed a lot.” – Daniel Dawson 

“We’ve had some pretty good pranks around the office this year!” – Mary Gray



How have you grown professionally this year and what have you learned?

“I have learned that nothing is routine any more, and to be more prepared for the unexpected – and change is the new norm.” – Michael Thomas 

“This year I passed the CPA exam and received my license, which was not easy. I realized how rewarding this profession can be, especially when you’re with a firm that makes you feel so appreciated.” – Daniel Dawson 

“This year has been challenging in so many ways. It’s definitely been a year of growth and learning surrounding legislation changes and understanding how to best serve our clients as their needs have shifted as a result of the pandemic.” – Mary Gray



What is the best thing to come out of 2020 for you?

“I am really proud to have bought a house this year. It was a stressful decision, but ultimately I could not be happier!” – Daniel Dawson 

“Spending more time with my family, specifically my children, and watching them grow into little people.” – Allison Davis

“I still have my health – so as long as I am still topside, all is good!” – Michael Thomas

“I got married! I am now the Mrs. to the most incredible Mr.!!!” – Stacie Schroller



What are you looking forward to in 2021?

“Hopefully all of this COVID mess will calm down and things can go back to the way they were, even if just a little bit.” – Allison Davis 

“My brother’s wedding!” – Mary Gray

“Getting a dog!” – Jason Knight

“I can’t wait to travel again.” – Stacie Schroller



How will your holiday traditions be impacted by COVID-19, or what new traditions do you foresee emerging because of the pandemic?

“Normally, my family would gather at my aunt’s house in South Pittsburg, TN. The house would be filled with almost fifty people, and we would play cornhole and card games all night. This year, I’ll spend the holidays with just my parents in Dunlap, TN. A new tradition that I’d like to start is smoking a Thanksgiving cigar with my dad.” – Daniel Dawson 

“Wearing masks to Thanksgiving dinner was definitely a first this year.” – Leigh Anne Joseph

“In past holidays, we would visit family in Houston, TX for Thanksgiving. I used to host the whole family (TN & TX) for Christmas. Needless to say, visits and gatherings will be much smaller this year.” – Stacie Schroller



Pumpkin pie, apple pie, or pecan pie?

“Apple pie is the quintessential American dessert. Nothing beats it.” – Daniel Dawson

“PUMPKIN!!!!” – Allison Davis 

“Throw out the Pumpkin – very few can actually make a good one (tip, par bake the crust first), Pecan is great if made well, but a Dutch Apple pie goes number one if the topping is correct – hands down.” – Michael Thomas 

“Pumpkin. Always.” – Mary Gray 

“I have never had any of those types of pie.” – Jason Knight 

“Pecan, however, we do not have this in the house very often because both my sons have a nut allergy.” – Leigh Anne Joseph 

“PUMPKIN! Is there really any other option?” – Stacie Schroller 



Looking ahead.

Those responses give us some action items for 2021. First up, we’ve gotta get Jason some pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie. And second, we’ve learned this year that “normal” is a moving target, and we must cherish every moment we have with our loved ones. 


If your goal for 2021 is to make your life less complex, [reach out to us.] We can simplify your accounting and bookkeeping, and working with this team of experts means that you get to keep more of the money that you rightfully earned. 


We’re wishing you happy, peaceful, healthy holidays. May your 2021 be better than your 2020 (even if you made it out unscathed and had your best year yet.) We at Culpepper are so grateful for our team and our clients. 

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