As you know, the last couple of years have been full of tax law changes. As such, much of the focus of our blogs has been on highlighting those. However, at times, we like to shift our focus from the technical tax landscape and instead highlight some members of the Culpepper CPA team. Our team is, after all, one of the things we are most proud of as a firm. When it comes to the Culpepper CPA team, we like to apply the same individualized approach we take with our clients. We truly value each of our team members’ individuality, expertise, and goals. Working together, we can help them realize their personal and professional goals. We truly hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about us!


This month is all about Allison! Many of you have had the awesome opportunity to interact with her. For those, you already know how much of an all-star she is. For the rest of you, it’s about time you learned how much of a role she plays in the services we provide to our clients and how invaluable she is to all of us here at Culpepper CPA. In a nutshell, Allison is a constant – that thing you can always depend on. She’s as reliable as they come. She leads our accounting department, keeps projects on track, assists with new businesses, is a certified QuickBooks guru (ok “ProAdvisor” in technical terms), and does so much more – all with a smile on her face.



Life Before Culpepper CPA


Allison grew up in Knoxville, TN with her parents and younger brother. She graduated from Bearden High School in 2001. After graduation, she became a certified paralegal. As she grew professionally, she realized her knack for accounting and shifted careers in 2008. She’s been rocking it ever since and we’re so thankful that she joined our team in February 2019!



Life Outside of Culpepper CPA


Allison is a dedicated mother and spends the majority of her time outside of work with her family. She has two adorable children. Her son, Cruz, was born In September 2011, and her daughter, Rayne, was born in November 2018. This past summer they took their first family trip to the beach. Cruz fell in love with the ocean and riding the waves – maybe she has a future surfer on her hands! Rayne wasn’t as in love with the ocean but loved playing in the sand. Allison’s main takeaway from the trip was also the sand – literally. She’s still finding it at home from that trip. They also recently adopted a kitten, Mitzi, from The Humane Society. Mitzi isn’t your normal cat; she’s more dog-like with a little bit of stubbornness – they’ve taught her to sit, speak, and high-five over the last few months!


Allison also enjoys spending time with her friends, and she’s currently planning a summer trip to the west coast with her closest gal pals. She has been known, a time or two (or more), to get sucked into a good show, but who hasn’t fallen victim to that?



What Allison Had To Say


Allison is an integral part of the Culpepper CPA team. Her leadership, dedication, motivation, and knowledge set her apart and fuel her success. We asked Allison a few of her favorite things about working here:

“I love the team. They really are like family to me. I also really value my client relationships – I enjoy helping them and the feeling of success when we finally figure out something that we’ve been working on.”



What The Team Had to Say


As for what the rest of the team had to say about Allison? Here are some of our favorite things about working with Allison. To anyone that knows her, it’s no surprise that her positive attitude tops the list!



“She is very dependable, always willing to help, and so loyal – we can always count on her. She takes

ownership of her projects. You know when she starts something she is going to see it all the way through completion.”


“Despite juggling a lot with working full time and being a mom she is always cheerful and willing to

jump in and help out where needed!”


“Her smile – she is always cheerful and always has a smile on her face no matter what needs to be done.”


“She does amazing in all facets of her job, but my favorite thing about her is her attitude. She is always positive! She’s motivated, dedicated, and constantly seeking to grow and improve in all aspects of her career and life.”


“Her positivity and bubbly personality and willingness to help. She’s down for whatever!”



It’s pretty clear how we all feel about Allison around here. The commitment she brings to work every day is infectious, and – along with all of the above – is a big reason why she’s such an important part of the Culpepper CPA team and the services we provide. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have had the opportunity to work with Allison, take a minute to tell her how much you’ve enjoyed that interaction!


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