From time to time here at Culpepper CPA, we like to highlight the achievements of some of our own. It’s also an opportunity to give our clients some background on the professionals that serve them day in and day out. This post introduces you to a Knoxville CPA that is definitely on the rise.

No one has accomplished more in recent months than Daniel Dawson, a team member with our firm that certainly deserves a bit of a spotlight. Daniel has been with Culpepper CPA for the last three years, joining us just after moving to Knoxville in early 2018. His time prior to that was full of adventures, and he’s continued to impress since joining the public accounting realm as well.


Always Outperforming


Daniel seems to make a habit of exceeding expectations. For starters, regular high school apparently wasn’t challenging enough, so Daniel attended college classes that also served to fulfill the remainder of his high school curriculum requirements. Not impressive enough? Well, even with taking several college-level classes, Daniel still managed to finish high school in three years. Afterward, I suppose he felt the bar had been set, so he went ahead and finished college in three years as well, graduating from the University of Kentucky at the age of 20. And he didn’t stop there…

After joining Culpepper CPA in the summer of 2018 – shortly after turning 21 years of age – Daniel continued his educational prowess and began to display his professional aptitude as well. During 2020, Daniel passed the final part of the CPA exam, completing his requirements to become an officially licensed CPA in August 2020, at the ripe age of 23, and was promoted to a senior associate at Culpepper CPA shortly thereafter.


Before Joining Culpepper CPA


Daniel grew up in Dunlap, TN – just outside of Chattanooga – and attended Middle College High School. Graduating in 2014, a year early, Daniel proceeded to enroll at the University of Kentucky at the age of 17. Daniel not only finished college at the age of 20; but did so while holding down a consistent job for those three years. He parlayed his early retail experience during his first two years of college into a bookkeeper position during his last year. This experience was a large part of what allowed him to hit the ground running when joining Culpepper CPA in 2018, shortly after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business.

Despite his efficiency in all things academic, Daniel also managed to get involved in other aspects of college life. He served as the Recording Secretary for the Delta Epsilon Chapter of Delta Tau Delta fraternity for a year, and also spent a summer studying abroad in Austria at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Outside of Work


Daniel somehow still manages to enjoy some time away from work. He loves to travel to new places and try local cuisines. When he’s not in the office, he’s either running on a trail or fishing for trout on the Clinch River. He enjoys cooking at home and learning about new ingredients and techniques in the kitchen. He’s also an avid follower of UK sports, the Atlanta Braves, and the Nashville Predators.


What does the future hold for this Knoxville CPA?


Daniel has been an incredible addition to the team at Culpepper CPA. Anyone who has had the chance to work with him directly has likely already seen that. His drive and motivation set him apart, and he has a very bright future ahead of him.

To be the premier Knoxville CPA firm that Culpepper CPA insists on being, it takes a team of incredible professionals. Daniel definitely fits that bill.  As you can tell, we’re very proud of Daniel and his accomplishments. We look forward to what he has in store next. Take a moment to reach out to Daniel to congratulate him here.

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